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Record Keeping

Not only is recordkeeping very critical for tracking pertinent data on employees, there are also legal requirements that must be followed to avoid compliance issues. Good recordkeeping makes the tracking easier for everyone involved from HR to Accounting and can be used for everything from ROI to performance evaluations. Record Keeping

Typical Recordkeeping needs include:

  • Tracking Employee Information
  • Forecasting/Anticipating Trends
  • Computerized Systems (HRIS/HRMS)

strategic HR inc. can help simplify Recordkeeping by:

  • Auditing employee records to determine the efficiency, accuracy, and legality of personnel files
  • Evaluating various forms for compliance
  • Assessing appropriate computerized solutions for tracking employee records


“We are extremely happy with services received from strategic HR inc. Our consultant assessed our
HR needs and developed a priority list that we have been ‘attacking’ consistently. Several unexpected
situations occurred in our business too, that required immediate attention and our consultant was
very thorough and was quick to respond with solutions. We are very thankful to have found a
company that provides personal attention, solid knowledge of HR issues, and adaptability to meet
the specifics needs of our business.”

Beth Jenkins, Owner
MBL Enterprises, Inc.
dba Springdale Cleaners